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Toilet & Tap Repairs

Your bills come and leave every month and except if there is a major spike in the sum due, it’s presumably a “get it done” situation. But what happens if one month, your water bill shows up and it is surprisingly high. Odds are you won’t simply pay it. You’re going to address it aren’t you?

The question, which should be asked is, what is the reason my water bill sooo high? 

An increased water bill could be due to leaks in the plumbing system. Leaky faucets, degraded water supply lines, or even outdated toilets & fixtures could be the culprit. With all these questions and tons of potential answers it’s truly worth looking into. Let us begin?

Perhaps Plumbing System Leaks Are The Culprit

There are some leaks that make messes and should be looked at ASAP and there are other leaks which are put aside since they don’t pose immediate concerns. However, not all leaks are clearly visible to the naked eye. Many leaks go undetected and stay that way for many many months. 

Is There A Leakage Coming From The Toilet?

Leakages coming from the toilet are typical issues. They can shoot up the bill and waste a great bit of water. A defective flapper will cause water levels inside your toilet to drop and cause consistent water use due to filling up the water and then having to refill it due to this leakage. Water line connection and breaks in sealants can likewise be blameworthy. 

In the event that you notice your toilet humming and continually running long after a flush has been done, you most likely have a leakage of some sort. Lower levels of water sitting in the toilet bowl itself is another indication of water leakage. 

Is There A Leakage Coming From Your Irrigation System?

Since you are presumably not always strolling in your yard at all times. Irrigation and water system leaks can truly sneak up on you. Water pipes underneath the ground and lines of water irrigation hidden within the landscaping of your yard may begin as a moderate little leak and slowly but surely grow into an increasingly vile issue. 

On the off chance that nothing clear is distinguished in your home and you’re battling to discover a leak outside, contact an expert plumber for help. Here at Logic Plumbing & HVAC, we will give an estimate and sound advice to go along.

Are There Obvious Leaks or Broken Water Pipes?

In the event that you notice large puddles of water in your yard, soft squishy spots or potentially a spike in your water charge, there is a good possibility you have a  broken or cracked water pipe. Driving components for leakages inside your water lines are due to the state of the pipe itself and tree root obstructions. 

A broken pipe can cause your water bill to absolutely skyrocket. 

A leak of this type requires a licensed plumbing company who is experienced and well educated. Let the experts, here at Logic Plumbing & HVAC deal with your leaks, emergencies, and head aches for you!

Do You Have Outdated Toilets and/or Fixtures?

Things evolve and advance overtime. This is true for your car, your clothes and even for your toilets and fixtures themselves. The Environmental Protection Agency reported that an exceptionally effective and sufficient washing machine can spare 13 gallons of water for every load. From toilets to washers to shower heads, updating and replacing your plumbing system should make your water bill decrease significantly. 

In the event that you have outdated and obsolete plumbing systems, the amount of water being utilized can without much of a stretch increase significantly over a period of time. In some cases this increase occurs so smoothly and gradually, that you may not even take notice of it. We here at Logic Plumbing & HVAC suggest refreshing your pipes with products containing certifications of water efficiency.

Non-Plumbing Related Water Wasting Habits

We all have negative water wasting habits. On the off chance that you are liable of any of these practices, consider adjusting your activities to lessen your water usage.

  • Leaving the water on as you brush away at your pearling white teeth
  • Taking looong HOT showers
  • Washing your dishes by hand (Dishwashers are more efficient)

You would be surprised how these tiny changes make the most grand differences in your water bill!


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Nakisa Ghalami
Nakisa Ghalami
06:11 26 Feb 23
Basement was flooding and they came under an hour to save us!
llStrawberry_ Lipsll
llStrawberry_ Lipsll
04:25 04 May 21
This is the one of the best companies to call. They have same day service. It is my second time calling them for different plumbing and clog issues. I trust them and you can as well.
Nicole Volchek
Nicole Volchek
07:23 18 Apr 21
I highly recommend Kevin!!! Good service same day!!
Bonnie McIntosh
Bonnie McIntosh
23:53 19 Jan 21
Great service ! They came right out and fixed the problem 👍
Yonathan Gordon
Yonathan Gordon
01:11 15 Dec 20
Had to call logic for a clog in my sink. Turned out that the main sewer line was clogged. They got it fixed by rodding the line. Good service indeed.
Dennis Rossolyuk
Dennis Rossolyuk
16:52 10 Dec 20
Plumbing service was very reasonably priced. I got the service I needed with a smile!
Sem D.
Sem D.
00:48 25 Nov 20
Good company. They came out the same day I called for a pipe repair in one of my rental properties. Gave a fair price and got the pipe repaired fairly quickly. Will probably call again for future services.
Sam Bagheri
Sam Bagheri
22:39 10 Nov 20
My mother hired Logic Plumbing two weeks back for a clog we had in our sewer system. Our basement got flooded since the water would not flow out of the main line. Kevin was sent out and first tried to rod the line. When this did not work, he decided to scope the line and showed us that our main... sewer pipe had collapsed on itself. He gave us an excavation quote and we decided to get a couple other companies to come and give us quotes as well. Three companies later and we realized that Logic was more reasonable for us from the more
faran yk
faran yk
04:44 19 Aug 20
Great company with friendly technicians. Had a good experience with Kevin who fixed the leak on my sink. Also installed a garbage disposal for me. Will be keeping them in my contact list for the future.
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